"Terry, I agree with your dad, that cut is dynamite!"

(Referring to the song "In The Word"
Kenneth Copeland, Texas
“Terry Minor Jr...has the hand of God on his life. I wish every believer had his passion...
I believe in your life and ministry..!”
Dr. Mike Murdock, Texas
"I have never been one to listen to "rap" music but you always have a way of drawing me in."
Jerry Savelle, Texas
"It still amazes me how a download on my phone has impacted my life and my family. Terry Minor Jr you have an amazing talent, please keep doing what you are doing because you just don’t know how much you have helped change people’s lives.”
Staci, Chattanooga, TN
"Thought I was Fly... Flyer than a Mug.. Until he came in and the blood wash me up! Love it!!"
Shannon, Chattanooga, TN
“Thank you much for coming and sharing your hearts with us -- we had such a great time praising and worshipping the Lord with you guys! God bless you in your ministry -- come back and be with us any time! We now have some new Brothers & Sisters in Christ!”
Carol, Kingston, TN
"I had thoughts of suicide, but when you rapped your music and started speaking what God told you to say, those answers were for me and I am no longer going to commit suicide. 
Eli, Maryville, TN
"I don't listen to rap, I don't like rap. But your music tore my heart up. You got it! 
Sheila Marks, Houston
"I love that song u did with K-drama that was off the chain keep up the good work bruh u doin it out here."
Mrs. Apple, Africa
“Man, I remember praying with you when I got saved its been such a blessing hope to see you around sometime or another.”
Malachi, Knoxville, TN
“Love what you're doing bro you always been a good dude and always had your head up high and your proving to everyone that when you keep God first you can do anything in life keep doing what you're doing bro.”
Shane, Knoxville, TN
"Love the lyrics and thanks for staying true to the word..."
Dominic, Virginia
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